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Casual street cat photography

Tabby cat drinks from the fountain Fluffy ginger cat sleeping up in the tree Tabby cat lies on the bench

Stray cats I see in my everyday life in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Уличные кошки, которых я встречаю в повседневной жизни в Санкт-Петербурге

Close up portrait of an orange and white street kitten Orange kitten peeking out from her house Black and white moustached cat yawning Cat and kitten greet each other standing deep in autumn leaves and backlit by the sunlight Cat and four kittens Grey cat sleeps on the hood of a van Street cat rolling in the morning sun Tuxedo cat lies deep in foliage Two kittens sleeping on the wheel of a car Tabby cat lies in the bush Two kittens synchronously climb a tree Orange cat sits in the tree Calico cat sits in the snow Orange and white cat sits in the snow with a raised front paw Fluffy tabby and white cat sits in the distance in the bush Black cat sits on the porch behind the fence Orange and white kitten stuck his paws through the fence standing in snow Grey and white cat is staring at us from the roof of a car with disbelief Four kittens cuddle up to each other Orange and white kitten climbing the tree Grey tabby cat sits on a boulder Calico cat sits on a bench with a stern look Tabby cat looking at us cautiously Calico kitten runs away from a ginger kitten White cat hides behind the tree Two stray kittens sit in the snow and looking at each other A white cat sits guiltily in front of another white cat. A third white cat is watching them from a distance. Orange cat relaxing in the sunlight Calico cat stands on the porch looking through the fence Tabby cat sleeps under the tree Gray cat looks over his shoulder in the evening sun Tabby cat sitting in the shade of a tree Close up portrait of a tabby cat with a white kitten in the background Two cats fight over something Black and white cat lies in the pile of autumn leaves

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Orange cat is looking down from the roof of a car Ginger and white cat in the evening sun Close up portrait of a very fluffy tabby cat Fluffy stray cat froze in surprise